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Camera Gear In Action–Police Dog Trainer Enjoys Outdoor Photography

Everyone has a story, I discovered that decades ago as a newly minted public affairs officer and base newspaper reporter.

Meet Janet

Janet at first meeting is reserved, but her passion for photography is evident.  Janet’s story has been captured in a book published in 2010 called “Dogs and the Women Who Love Them” by Allen and Linda Anderson.

A chapter entitled Loyalty is about Janet and the special relationship she had with one particular dog named Major, she rescued from abuse.  Janet served in the U.S. Army as a military working dog trainer and retired a few years ago from being a police officer and K-9 trainer/handler. In 1982, she was the first woman to compete in the U.S. Police Canine Trials. She still holds the historical record of having won first place two times in a row with Major and winning four times with two different dogs. Reading about the physically tough situations she and her K-9 partners were in and their special bond, reveals the true mettle of this petite and soft spoken woman.  Janet still trains handlers and their dogs for Homeland Security.

Today her active life very much includes photography but she also must deal with old “war injuries”—she wants camera gear with good ergonomics to prevent neck strain and overall fatigue.

Photo Seminars– Contrast of Florida & Minnesota

This past summer she had very hectic schedule split between attending photography seminars around the country and training handlers and dogs.

“At workshops I want to maximize my time by having my camera gear at the ready. Getting around with tripod, multiple cameras, lens options and filters is a must. I do not want to waste time struggling with undoing zippers or running back to the car or hotel,” she said.

To meet those demands, Photipherals did some a quick prototyping of more photography gear that makes birding and outdoor photography more comfortable.

“The seminar put on by Florida’s Birding and Photo Fest was a chance to concentrate on photography and really break in my new Photipherals’ straps and gear. I didn’t have to worry about camera juggling or dropping while I was still half-asleep during those very early morning classes.  I never knew there was life at sunrise,” she quips. “It was so worth getting out in that golden light and seeing the horse and rider gallop through the surf and the variety of very active birds. And, I learned a great deal from the many helpful instructors. ”

A few weeks later she was off to northern Minnesota with a cooler climate and rich forests. This seminar was at the Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary.

“It was the opportunity of a lifetime to mingle on the ground with wild black bears with almost free access to photograph them. . . but, don’t make the Mama [bear] mad!

“I carried two cameras on two Photipherals’ straps so I could grab the lens length I needed quickly, since you never knew how close the bears would suddenly be,” exclaimed Janet.

“Honestly, I was so happy with my straps’ comfort, I brought one to my dearest friend and photography buddy in Hawaii as an early Christmas gift. I had a lot of fun selecting one of those colorful applique straps–I almost didn’t want to give it up!”

Learn more about Janet’s remarkable work

Loyalty: Chapter about Janet


Video News Cast about Janet

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