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Painting with Photography

Mountains at sunset with a lake in the foreground.

Capturing with a painterly eye pulls from personal memory of visits to art museums, galleries, and art history books. The Impressionists are my favorite period and feel I just want to “eat it with a spoon” looking closely at luscious color and paint on canvas. On more than one occasion I’ve had some of my […]

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Pho-Reel™ Camera Shoulder Strap System

Pho-Reel™ Camera Shoulder Strap System [Patent Pending] A reel advantage for mobility—for handheld and tripod shooting. • Problem: Camera straps on the neck cause discomfort due to weight, friction and sweatiness. Camera straps on the shoulder tend to slide. Plus, it is clumsy to haul more than one camera, or to take the camera and […]

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Sensor Dust is Everywhere!

Sensor dust, sensor dust… it is everywhere. Is it a bird, a bee or a UFO? NO! In my glorious photograph of open blue skies, delicate details of flora or a child’s precious smile—there lurks the despicable black dot.   Experts recommend you quickly change lenses in an enclosed space, keep those lenses and camera […]

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Ionos Gear – Sensor Cleaning & Lens Changing Case

Ionosgear prevents sensor dust while changing lenses up to 800mm

IonosGear I: Lens Changing and Sensor Cleaning Camera Case -US Patent 7,841,786 B2 Problem: Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras and Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens cameras (MILC), as well as video cameras with interchangeable lenses are vulnerable to sensor dust during lens changing and sensor cleaning. Dust on the camera sensor causes spots on pictures and […]

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Great Pics: Old Family Photographs Brought Back to Life

Great picks may exist in that forgotten box of photographs in the closet. I am sure there are many tutorials on-line that can give you a step by step process on how to restore old photographs. I am only encouraging folks that have inherited old photos to not despair if they are faded, spotted, or […]

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U.S. Combat Camera: Proud of Those Who Serve


As a retired career public affairs officer in the United States Air Force, during my 25 years of service I have worked closely with a group of very talented photographers and videographers. I recently spoke to a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer who now serves in a civilian capacity training all the services’ professional photographers […]

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Philadelphia Snow Scenes

Snow in Philadelphia added extra texture & interest to a cityscape already rich in imagery. The imagery is from Rittenhouse Square & Delancy Street. The cold and the deep snow was a challenge, but well worth it. On an early Sunday morning there were few people or vehicles to get in the way of all […]

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AZ Pow Wow

Fuji S-2 Image from 2008 Window Rock Pow-wow Last year, I experienced my “first shot” at using a Fuji S-2 to capture what most of us can only imagine exists in the American Southwest… a Native American Pow Wow hosted by the Navajo Nation, Window Rock AZ. This is not a commercialized event, it is […]

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