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Painting with Photography

Mountains at sunset with a lake in the foreground.

Capturing with a painterly eye pulls from personal memory of visits to art museums, galleries, and art history books. The Impressionists are my favorite period and feel I just want to “eat it with a spoon” looking closely at luscious color and paint on canvas. On more than one occasion I’ve had some of my […]

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A Scenic Route for Photographers: Hwy 94 San Diego County, California

Like any tourist destination, particularly one mingled with salt air, warm climate, and Spanish influences—San Diego is just a photographer’s delight. Whether you are people watching, love seascapes or landscapes, plants, animals or architecture—Balboa Park and its’ adjacent attractions could keep a photographer busy for a lifetime. [Photographs copyright of Adrienne Campbell] If you are […]

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Scenic Routes for Photographers between Gallup NM & Phoenix AZ

We arrived back to Phoenix late Friday night after spending a few days in New Mexico. While a portion of the trip was devoted to the seminar at Kirtland, any road trip must have time for grabbing the camera. Time was short and we were visiting some unfamiliar territory, so anticipating what would be photogenic […]

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A Scenic Route for Photographers: Hwy 68 to Taos NM

Once we were done with the seminar at Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque, NM, we headed north to take in some scenery. After visiting a bit of Santa Fe proper we headed to Taos in search of fall and perhaps a touch of snow. We took Highway 68 north and about 20 miles out of Santa […]

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