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Pho-Reel™ Camera Shoulder Strap SystemStarting at $80

Pho-Reel™ Camera Shoulder Strap System [Patent Pending]
A reel advantage for mobility—for handheld and tripod shooting.

• Problem: Camera straps on the neck cause discomfort due to weight, friction and sweatiness. Camera straps on the shoulder tend to slide. Plus, it is clumsy to haul more than one camera, or to take the camera and its strap off the neck or shoulder to shoot or to mount onto a tri-pod, and the added action may mean missing a shot. Carrying the whole camera bag can be cumbersome but most straps have no built in storage.

• Solution: The Pho-Reel™ camera strap has an asymmetrical design and chest strap to prevent annoying slips and fatigue. The strap evenly distributes weight, has sewn loops to mount accessory cases/pouches and the underside’s breathable webbing provides cushioning and wicking. The retractable vinyl-coated steel reel unit secures the camera, keeping it from falling to the ground while being carried, but extends out to permit shooting “from the hip” or connecting to a tri-pod without having to un-tether the camera. A unique custom-designed stainless-steel clip allows three different methods of securely fastening to the camera with quick connect and disconnect.

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Hands free mobility to grab, go, and shoot.

• Asymmetrical padded shoulder strap distributes weight evenly and is constructed with additional padding.
• Shoulder pad underside constructed with military-standard nylon mesh to promote wicking, dissipate body heat, and provide additional padding without adding weight.
• Chest strap prevents shoulder strap from slipping off the shoulder.
• Two foot (610mm) locking retractable vinyl coated steel cable allows ease of shooting either hand held or from tripod but avoids camera swing in retracted position. (Cable actuates at the push of a button.)
• Custom stainless steel snap clip is modular in design to securely snap into camera mounting plate (included in your order and customized to you camera body) or it can clip into the camera strap mounting loops on the body of most cameras.
• Note: Camera mounting plate secures either between the camera and quick-release tri-pod mount or independently screws into the base of the camera body.
• Shoulder pad loops allow carrying either Photipherals or alternate filter and lens pouches on both sides.
• Optional linking straps allow joining two units together as a double strap.

Harness: 22.5 inches/ 57.15 cm long x 3.1inches/78.74mm wide

Reel: 2.75 inches/70mm wide x 4.33 inches/110mm long x 1 inch/24mm at widest point

Weight: 8oz/ 225g

• System Accessories: There are two unique add-on equipment cases that slide onto the strap to carry additional lenses and filters or personal items, and the strap will also support competitor’s standard auxiliary cases. The system conveniently interconnects to make a double unit and is modular in design allowing future product additions and modifications.


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