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Tripod carrying case: Pho-Pod for mobility and comfortStarting at $48

Steady, ready, shoot—wildlife and nature photographers know time is of the essence.

Hike with your tripod in comfort and easy access with Pho-Pod

Problem: Carrying a tripod with your camera and other photographic gear is awkward particularly for outdoor photography shots. While tripod cases are available, they tend to slide off the shoulder or encumber your hands, or must be clipped to camera bags or backpacks. Photographers must unload gear and unzip cases, while seconds count in getting that special capture. Carrying a 500mm telephoto lenses is also a challenge.

Solution: Fans of the Pho-Reel camera shoulder strap system requested Photipherals design a means to comfortably carry both their camera(s) and photo gear into wildlife and nature photography environs. Pho-Pod padded tripod case offers quick access to tripods that collapse to fit into a 5 inch diameter by 20 inch long scabbard. It works with the Pho-Reel Plus (patent pending) shoulder camera strap/harness to provide greater comfort and mobility. Thinking creatively, photographers could use Pho-Pod to carry a 500mm telephoto lens instead of the tripod.


  • Pho-Pod is carried as an optional accessory on the Pho-Reel Plus camera shoulder strap.
  • The Pho-Reel Plus comes with tethering straps that terminate into clips for connecting Pho-Pod (or another accessory case) with D-rings.
  • Pho-Pod is made of durable polyester denier and padded to prevent hard contact between a camera carried on the Pho-Reel Plus and the encased tripod.
  • Pho-Pod comes in standard black denier or a variety of limited edition/custom embellished styles.

Dimensions: 5 inches x 20 inches/ 127 mm x 508mm

Weight: Standard style: 7oz/200g          

Embellished/limited edition: 10.5oz/300g

Made in the USA. Individually crafted.

$48.00 Pho-Pod Standard Model

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$80.00 Limited edition: With embellished trim & handcrafted applique

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