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U.S. Combat Camera: Proud of Those Who Serve

As a retired career public affairs officer in the United States Air Force, during my 25 years of service I have worked closely with a group of very talented photographers and videographers. I recently spoke to a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer who now serves in a civilian capacity training all the services’ professional photographers and we both wished the American public could have an opportunity to view the work Department of Defense Combat Camera teams and photojournalist are producing. Their imagery is both gritty and touching as it captures both grueling conditions under which our people serve and their compassion for others.

Interested in seeing first-hand the impressive imagery being produced by military photographers and videographers? Visit the Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System website gallery. DVIDS is a state-of-the-art, 24/7 operation that provides a timely, accurate and reliable connection between the media around the world and the military serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain. Through a network of portable Ku-band satellite transmitters located in-theater and a distribution hub in Atlanta, Georgia, DVIDS makes available real-time broadcast-quality video, still images and print products as well as immediate interview opportunities with service members, commanders and subject matter experts.

“Eye of the Storm: War through the Lens of American Combat Photographers” was a fine art charitable exhibition conceived by Los Angeles area curator Dane Jensen in 2008. Please visit this website to get a taste of some award winning photographers’ work.

Defense Information School was posted on the DINFOS Facebook page, gives you a sense of the training these photographers go through and the imagery they capture.

Explore the Defense Imagery website for representative photographs and videos from across the U.S. services around the world.

In July 2010, the Army’s 55th Signal Company (Combat Camera) attained an historic first in leading a team of Reserve and National Guard units in a paradrop of personnel from a helicopter onto the sun-scorched Bowling Green Drop Zone at Fort A. P. Hill, Va. To read more about this operation visit their official blog sites: Sound Off Blog and USAF Live Blog .

Our patented IonosGear chamber can assist combat camera teams and photojournalist cope with the rugged elements that damage digital cameras. There are other products we have in development to assist any photographer or videographer working in rugged or remote environments…. from combat, emergency operations, safari’s, or adventure trips . Photipherals will help you gain the advantage for your photographic adventure providing portable, powerful, and protective products.

The airdrop mission was an eye opening perspective of what combat camera teams do. We would appreciate hearing from the field about the photographic equipment and power supply challenges you are facing–the exchange is a chance for our designers to work creative and effective solutions.

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