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PhorMat: Ground cover mat for photographers and nature loversStarting at $45

Wildlife photographers and birding enthusiasts will enjoy Photipherals’ PhorMat ground mat.

Problem: Some of the most unique views of wildlife is at ground level. Birding photos take on a new “perspective”, particularly waterfowl when photographed at their eye level. Unfortunately lying on the ground equates to mud and a little muck. Who remembers to bring a tarp? Typically the tarps found at the hardware store do not fold or roll into a compact and easy to carry shape.

Solution: PhorMat with padded elbow area rolls compact and is held in-place with thick elastic straps. The design includes D-rings so the mat can be carried as an accessory on Pho-Reel Plus by Photipherals or from an after-market product.


  • PhorMat is made of durable, heavy gauge, waterproof polyester.
  • The mat is a roomy 24 x 57 inches/610 x 1450mm with a padded elbow area.
  • The mat rolls up into approximately 2.5 inches by 24 inches/64 x 610 mm.
  • PhorMat photography and spotting mat weights 24oz or 68g.
  • The D-rings allow it to be clipped to the Pho-reel plus shoulder strap (see inset at right) or an after-market strap of your choice.

Dimensions: 24 x 57 inches/610 x 1450mm

Weight:  24oz or 68g.


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