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Camo Rain Cape, an integrated rain poncho and camera rain capeStarting at $135

Hide & Dry: Combination camouflage waterproof poncho for you and rain cover for your camera. 

Problem: There are many camera rain capes (also called rain covers) on the market but they protect only the camera. Nature photographers need to remember to pack a rain jacket, a rain cover for their camera, and a portable bird blind.  Now try to carry all that in comfort over a long hike. Chances are you’ll forget an item or leave it behind for the sake of mobility.

Solution: Camo Rain Cape protects both the photographer and camera from the damp elements. It has the additional benefit of being a light-weight simple means to camouflage both nature photographer and camera. How convenient to have all those items folded into a small case that weighs less than a pound!

Description:  The cape stows into its carrying case measuring 9.5 x 8.5 inches x 1.5 inches / 241mm x 216mm x 38mm deep and weighs 13 oz. /362 grams. Photipherals’ Camo Rain Cape, made of coated rip-stop nylon is 48 inches/ 1220mm long from the shoulders and 58 inches/1475mm wide. The sides close with four snaps and one snap at the hood, as well as a draw chord at the neck.

Camo Rain Cape’s most unique feature is the integrated camera protection system designed to be used with any shoulder-mount camera strap. A 6.5 inch/165mm square vinyl window provides ample viewing of the viewfinder, LCD display and camera controls. Indexing and mounting hardware in the housing for the camera keeps the camera lashed and properly aligned within the cape. The lens sleeve has elastic tensioning hardware and adjustment zipper, and accommodates up to a 5 inch/127mm diameter lens tube (up to 500mm lens.)


  • Poncho with integrated camera rain cover: 48 inches/ 1220mm long from the shoulder and 58 inches/1475mm wide, plus a hood
  • Case 9.5 by 8.5 inches, 1.5 inches deep/ 241mm x 216mm x 38mm deep

Weight: 13 oz. /362 grams with the rain cape stowed inside case


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