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TriOxyGear- I Anti-Fungal Unit for Non-Sealed Optics & Camera BodiesStarting at $235

TriOxyGear-I prevents or kills fungus in non-sealed camera lenses and camera bodies.

Problem: Photographers operating in extremely humid environments to include jungle locations and aboard ships have complained of fungus growing in lenses and the interior of the camera. Fungus can degrade camera operation and imagery, as well as destroy protective interior coatings and lenses.

Solution: A small electronic device called TriOxyGear-I by Photipherals, will help prevent and kill fungal growth and fungus spores in non-sealed areas of your camera and lenses. TriOxyGear-I emits ozone to kill existing fungus and spores in parts of the camera and optics exposed to air while in the IonosGear case or an enclosed chamber up to approximately 1.3 cubic feet or 0.03 cubic meters.

For cleaning the dead fungal growth/debris, it is recommended that you contact the manufacturer of the equipment treated to determine what solutions are best to remove the material safely from specific surfaces.

Prevention worth a pound of cure:
If your equipment is used and stored in a high humidity environment that has a history of fungal issues, it is recommended that you treat your optics after each use before storing as a preventive measure.

*For sealed lenses and optics use TriOxyGear-II with high intensity ultra-violet (UV) LEDs.

View TriOxyGear-I: O3 Emitter Characteristics

  • Designed to eradicate fungal growth and spore reproduction in non-sealed areas*
  • Work in conjunction with IonosGear1 case or any chamber up to approximately 1.3 cubic feet
  • Auto timer dosing optimized in ten minute intervals and times out for eight minutes then recycles again to maintain dosing saturation as needed .
  • Excellent as preventive measure for enriched medium environments.
  • TriOxyGear1 powered by 12V wall supply or other 12V source.
  • Dimensions: 4.6 x 3.1 x .95”/ 117 x 79 x 24mm
  • Weight including case and charger with instruction card: 9.5oz/ 270g
  • Includes denier case
  • Note: You may get 1~2 additional weeks on your fruits, vegetables and cold cuts/cheeses if you ozonize them in the chamber!


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