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Birding Photography & Camera Gear Needs: Look to Photipherals® for Innovative Products

Birding photographers, wildlife and nature enthusiasts. . . Photipherals has launched a variety of camera gear to keep you more comfortable, your photography equipment more mobile, and protect you and your camera while blending into the environment.

More than a camera sling or speed strap, Pho-Reel’s [patent pending] design is a shoulder camera strap system. Pho-Reel and Pho-Reel Plus offer endless hours of comfort and the ability to hike with your camera(s), tripod and photographic accessories. You don’t need a camera bag to carry multiple cameras, lenses, filters and other camera gear.

Hike with your tripod using the Pho-Pod. This camera tripod “quiver” is a padded case that attaches to the Pho-Reel Plus camera shoulder strap and provides a more comfortable and balanced means to carry tripods up to five-inches in diameter when folded. You can also use the Pho-Pod to carry a telephoto-lens. Learn more about Pho-Pod.

All in one rain poncho, camera rain cover and bird blind. Camo Rain Cape is a camouflaged rain-poncho with an integrated camera cover to protect both you and your camera from the elements while on the move or shooting and functions as a portable wildlife and bird blind. The rain cape is configured to work with most side-carry camera straps, in particular the Pho-Reel camera shoulder strap. Camo Rain Cape folds compactly into its own carrying case. Learn more about Camo Rain Cape.

Wildlife photographers and birding enthusiasts will enjoy Photipherals’ ground mat called PhorMat. The ground cover mat is made of durable, heavy gauge, waterproof camouflage-colored polyester. The mat weighs 24 ounces and is 24 x 57 inches/610 x 1450mm with a padded elbow area. The mat rolls up into approximately 2.5 inches by 24 inches/64 x 610 mm. The D-rings allow it to be clipped to the Pho-Reel Plus shoulder strap or an after-market strap of your choice. Learn more about PhorMat ground tarp.

Birding, nature, wildlife and landscape photographers can look forward to more innovative products by Photipherals. A telephoto lens sighting tool called Phor-Sight is in the patent process. Phor-Sight will help birding photographers get the most from the autofocus function of telephoto lenses and dynamic composing especially for “Bird In Flight” (BIF) applications. Photographers operating in remote locations can look forward to innovative approaches to solar-power recharging products in the coming year.

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